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The Sunrise Club

Body & Soul Yoga

Free Flow Yoga


Child's Pose

Class Timetable



7:30 - 7:55

~ T H E  S U N R I S E  C L U B ~

… because the 5am club is too early for some!  

A quick 20-25 minute session incorporating meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) to set intentions for the coming week.


18:30 - 19:30

~ B O D Y  &  S O U L ~

… a class for all abilities encouraging inner-enquiry and personal growth.


Dive deeper in to yoga philosophy and leave the session restored and empowered to live more mindfully and with intention.


(Returning in July!)

09:15 - 10:15

~ F R E E   F L O W   Y O G A ~

… think dance party! 

Find freedom within your yoga practice. 

Using intuitive movement these sessions encourage you to feel in to your own body and move how you need (and want) to move during each session.

Why not click on the link below and flow along to my Spotify playlists during the session: